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You’ve had enough — Depressed, triggered and stressed

Focusing on You

Is your ‘normal’ really normal?


As a child, to many of us life appears ‘normal’, the way life is for you personally is what you can assume is ‘normal’, and this is all you know - UNTIL you know better.

We are shaped, molded and influenced into who we become as adults, and allot of this comes from the experiences we face as a child. But it does not stop there. Studies and science also prove that we inherrit some of the emotional scars from our ancestors; passing down fear, trauma, and emotional scars that have imprinted onto your epigenetics.

“Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance is the transmition of epigenetic markers from one organism to another that affects the traits of offspring without altering the primary structure of DNA.”

So in another way to explain this, Epigenetics is the part that tells your DNA what to become, an eye, ear, skin cell, heart, liver, colour of your hair, etc. The coding also holds the impacts from all of the emotional scars your ancesters carried and did not heal from, and therefore handing this information down generations.

So your normal is not really your normal and life doesn't need to be this way.  You, your parents, your grandparents and so on, have all experienced emotional scars and passed them down, expressing their 'normal' behavior and transferring this 'programmed response' onto their children, therefore you are tainted by the inherited emotional scars you carry with you today.

It’s not all about you! You can break free from this cycle and clear out the epigenetic program that is nolonger needed in your life.


How to identify your emotional scars?


Emotional scars sit very closely to your belief centre, guided by your subconcious mind, and are also stored in the cells of your body within your Epigenetics. Your emotional scars are felt through negative emotional impacts, triggered inside you.

A feeling of uneasiness when you see something, a feeling of anxiety when there is no need for this to be triggered, a negative belief that is brought on when it does not make sense, the confused inner feeling of something is not right - but logically nothing has happened to make you feel this way.

Or, nothing you can do can make you feel complete, you feel not good enough, unworthy, a blockage that prevents you from taking action, the onset of procrastination when all you want to do is move forward, or a fear that has appeared from no actual event taking place. The feeling of rejection, the fear of abandonment, PTSD, inability to find your voice or express your feelings, unable to love the way you want to love, or you are restricted by belifs that make you behave negativly and you have no way of breaking free.

All of these are signs you have emotional scars that are from your lifetime or from Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. It’s time to take action, it’s time to heal your emotional scars, because life doesn’t need to be this way!


Are you ready to heal?


Are you tired of telling people your story, explaining why you feel the way you do, and nothing helps you feel any better? You might even feel like burden and stupid for expressing how you feel because when you hear it come out of your mouth, you automatically think ‘what is my problem, I’m better than this’ - but the feelings remain.

Do you feel like Counsellors, Dr’s and other professionals keep you repeating your story with no real tools to make change - meanwhile you feel like it was a waste of time because your needing a different kind of help, but who can help you?

Are you motivated to better yourself and your situation, read self-help books, complete courses, attend workshops all for the purpose of personal growth. You are accountable and determined to break free from a life that nolonger serves you. Looking for the one thing that will work for perminant change!

Your intentions are driven and you are inspired for a short while, but then you feel yourself returning to how things were and you start to lose hope in the professionals? What do you need to learn to grow past this point?

If you know you can do better, be better and take the steps needed to change, then you are ready to heal from the emotional scars that prevent you from being all you can be.

All you need is the NEED to change!


What can you expect


You will know when you are ready, and you have the NEED to change that is growing stronger every day.

It’s within your control, all it takes is determination, committment and accountability to go through the changes needed to break free.

A complete trust in your ability to let go, to venture out of the comfort zone for your journey to heal. You will become raw with yourself, more connected to the inner you through processes that uncover your biggest scars. And I will be guiding you through the steps to take - you are never alone.

This all can sound a little full on for some people, to bare your soul almost; But don’t worry, you do not need to relive trauma, nor do you need to bring up and explain every issue and event that took place to get to the point of scaring you emotionally. You don’t even need to know what your emotional scars are. All you need to do is vent, talk openly and freely and allow it to come out; I will recognise what your biggest emotional scars are, and then take you on an amazing and enjoyable journey to heal.


When you embrace your emotional scars, you’ll notice you start to change.

Emotional freedom, starts with acknowledging the NEED to change, and making that first step to heal.

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