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From a young child, I was always wanting to know more, I was determined to be the person that was more than who my family and friends had labelled me to be.

My family is best described as dysfunctional, full of drama and unstable. My mother was well talented at manipulation for self-benefit, and although she was very intelligent, she always managed to play the victim. My 4 siblings conformed in her shadow, not knowing life without drama, and struggling with mental health and wellbein.

Always the odd one out, I never fit with my family, and feeling there was something wrong with me, I was determined to break free of my mother’s declaration “Annette is the one to worry about, she will be on drugs, school dropout and pregnant before she is 15”. These words haunted me...

Before I could embark on my new path of education, I met my husband and we married the following year, and soon had our first child with the need of IVF. When she turned 6 months, we tried again, only to fail the next 16 IVF rounds.

During this time, I completely lost myself, my mental health suffered.

Until one day, I was handed a business card that changed my life.

I went through a transformation that showed me I was in control of my situation, and that I was ‘doing it all to myself’. I was creating the stress and the trauma from my perception, and from my emotional scars that triggered negative responses from normal life experiences.

From this moment in time, I was a changed woman. I conceived my second child on the next IVF transfer, and with a new freedom and perspective on life, I committed to continual education in self-development and training, so I could embrace and follow my calling, to help other women break free from their emotional scars and live the abundant life they are meant to live.

Since I have let go of my own emotional scars, and the triggers that controlled my life, I have a deeper intuition, and greater understanding of life with choice and control over what I do and do not want in my life. Life for me is peaceful and empowered beyond anything I have ever experienced!

If this sounds like your journey, or you feel a connection to my experiences, feel free to connect and book a free call with me today… Whatever your personal emotional issues are, I know how to remove them.

I look forward to helping you soon.

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